Kore of Your Advertising

Kore of Your Advertising

Special offer here.

If you have been anywhere near traffic exchanges recently, you’ve probably heard of Kore4.

If you haven’t, and you’re looking for ways to advertise online at low costs or build your business or simply join some active communities and have some fun, you should start from here.

Going forward, I’ll keep the language accessible to anyone who has a basic understanding of what traffic exchanges are and use them for advertising purposes.

If you are relatively new to traffic exchanges, you might not have a primary business to promote. Best things you should keep in mind under these circumstances are:

  1. promote yourself first, building your brand so that people will start recognizing you and over time, trust you
  2. keep your focus on evergreen products, that everyone needs and will be around for a long time

Kore4 gives a top upgrade in all four of TimTech’s traffic exchanges, namely StartXchange, ILoveHits, ThumbVu and Sweeva, as well as their training program, Click Track Profit. You need to be a member of Click Track Profit before you choose to upgrade to Kore4.

Some marketers rely solely on Kore4 as their online business. And given the 50% affiliate commissions received in all 5 sites, that’s great affiliate marketing!

Kore4 is awesome for affiliate marketers, advertisers and for the CTP Teams competition. All three good reasons to become Kore4, even if the focus is on different aspects from member to member.

Very few can grasp the entire palette of benefits Kore4 is offering from a presentation, so I’m not going into details in this review. You should experience it, or at least have a talk about it with someone who has. This way, if you don’t understand something, have concerns or need guidance, you will benefit of the expertise of a long term upgraded Kore4 member.

So, if you’re considering taking the upgrade but you’re on the edge or simply want to understand it better, I’m here for you! I’ve been Kore4 upgraded for almost a year now. We can chat on Skype or just use the contact form, if you don’t have Skype.

As you might expect, I do have a special offer for you. Join me at Kore4 and I’ll set up and host for free a branded Kore4 splash page for you, that I’ll promote as a spotlight page on my site AdriansHub.com, for as long as you remain in my downline and pay your subscription to Kore4 (if you want to check out what’s currently being promoted as a spotlight page on Adrian’s Hub, click here). If you don’t have a branded Kore4 splash page (or squeeze page), I’ll design and host one for you! Now, that was for helping you advertise Kore4 and get referrals of your own.

But if you check out the contest at AdriansHub.com, you’ll notice that a Kore4 member in my downline would receive 400 points monthly. How hard do you think would be to get in the top of the contest ranking with such a monthly reward? And your bonus goes contest after contest, not a one-time deal! That’s a good way to win back a large portion of your recurring subscription payments. Not to mention the additional bonuses offered in the contest.

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4 Comments on Kore of Your Advertising

  1. I really like how you set up your blog Adrian. I don’t know if I did the badge thing correct so let me know at the email above if you could. Great job here I really like it. Tweeted too :)

  2. Hi Mona,

    Thanks for your comment Mona! :) You’re right it was wrong, I’ve sent you an email, hope it explains better. You can claim contest points for tweeting by the way (from the link below the article).

  3. I got to say Adrian i was always skeptical with traffic exchange model because of bad experience before, but i watched the video on kore copy and it seems a rather interesting.
    I am thinking now of may be give traffic exchange another try, but not on my main site, i will try it on one of my secondary sites and see how it goes.
    If all worked well, expect me to come back and thank you again.

  4. Thank you for your comment Kyle! Myself, I learn all the time. If a marketing method fails you once, it might be worth a revisit, things tend to evolve (or at least change). And as you noticed, Kore4 is really powerful in more than one way.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…9 Benefits of Bidding on Adrian’s Referrals

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