How to Turn Your Activity to a Lead Magnet


There are many effective ways to grow your downline teams. One of them that’s practically automated is represented by the downline builders (many won’t produce any noticeable results though!). A fantastic example for a working downline builder is TEPays, which launched a few days ago and already created a lot of traction.

But, surprisingly after the way I started this blog post, I won’t talk about classical donline builders or TEPays.

You can, of course, build your downline team here at Adrian’s Hub and enjoy your affiliate rewards. And that’s only the beginning of what Affiliate Hub will become! Plus, you can win one of the cash prizes in our referral contest.

But there’s more and that’s what I’m trying to get to in this article. Let’s say visitor Joe has just landed on Adrian’s Hub front page and decides to check it out for a few minutes.

The first thing he notices is the news flash feed. Joe sees there are updates every few days on the news flash feed and wants to see more. So he clicks on the “More” link. And he sees the entire news flash updates. Lots of them, regular, dating back to 2014.

Joe thinks: “Hey, this guy is serious about it, let’s check some more. Oh, there’s a blog, let’s see what he’s all about.”

Joe sweeps through some of the blog posts and finds something he’s interested in. Then he notices the Rewards menu. Scans the menu items and his eyes stop on “Recent Winners”. He says to himself: “Let’s see what I can win here!” and clicks on “Recent Winners”.

On the default highlighted cash rewards page he observes many $40, $20 and $10 cash amounts being won. His reaction: “Wow!” As he scrolls down the page, he notices a little window open and then quickly close. He has just hovered over one of the avatars of our winners who had ‘Your Picks’ activated. “How did I do that?” he asks himself and slowly tracks back his steps with the mouse cursor until ‘Your Picks’ window reappears. Now, because he wasn’t in a hurry, the window is still open and he can see what our winner wants to promote.

He’s slowly getting convinced to join. He might want to join one of those people winning plenty of prizes before, so he would have the chance to learn how to do that himself. So let’s say Joe wants to join with Scott, the member who he has just checked out. If Scott has Adrian’s Hub affiliate link as their default link (associated with his name) or as one of the options in ‘Your Picks’, Joe will join right away. Otherwise, he might want to talk to Scott via Skype or on Twitter or see his blog first.

So that is a win / win. Scott gets a referral willing to learn, and Joe gets a sponsor that knows an active referral is what he needs, so he’s ready to teach.

Let’s have a different example.

Mary is a member of Adrian’s Hub and has been for a while. She might be highly active or only occasionally. But she checks the rankings regularly. Seems like she knows everyone ranking high closely. She checks to see what else they are promoting. Again, the default site, ‘Your Picks’, social media and blog buttons are working passively for those highly active on Adrian’s Hub.

Nobody becomes a lead magnet over night. But insisting on activities that bring you in front of people, that set you up as a positive example, pays off.

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2 Comments on How to Turn Your Activity to a Lead Magnet

  1. Tony Matyasovszky // January 27, 2017 at 4:27 pm //

    This is very well written.I always make sure to read the ins and out of a program before signing up.Yes I jumped in the deep end and joined adrians hub fast,but I looked around a few minutes and seen something I liked.Potential.This program has a lot of potential.I Know it takes a while to build a list, but I am well on my way.

  2. Thanks Tony! But you joined on recommendation, didn’t you? That means at least one person you trust and who knows the program for a while recommended it to you, which made you decide to join before having a clear view on the program.

    Actually, many programs these days rely on this part. Subscribe to list, pay or otherwise become a member, before you have any real information on the product, which in some cases can prove to be a true disappointment. I understand the marketing and reasons behind it, I just designed Adrian’s Hub differently with lots of areas that are accessible for everyone.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Internet and Borders. Freedom and Reversed Globalization

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