LeasedAdSpace Review. Do You Need Solo Ads?

solo email ads at leasedadspace

Email marketing has been and continues to be one of the most effective marketing methods online. If you don’t have your own list, charges to email the membership of specialized sites can go pretty steep. LeasedAdSpace comes in to fill a void here: for a ridiculous $7 one-time fee and a few emails seen, a member can send solo ads to their entire membership every 28 days. Or more often, depending on the traffic package you buy.

If that would be all I’d receive for my $7 purchase, I wouldn’t blink and buy the traffic package.

But there’s more you get:

  • one permanent text ad to their classified ads directory (or more for higher packages)
  • banner ad impressions
  • text ad impressions

LeasedAdSpace also has a multi-level affiliate structure in the form of a 8×7 forced matrix with enormous potential earnings. You might not be a fan of MLMs, and that’s ok, but keep your eyes on the ball and remember the solo ads.

When I blasted my first solo ad some time ago, I had seen immediate results in signups to my site from LeasedAdSpace. Looking forward to send my second solo ad!

A word of caution if you join and want to buy your traffic package. Payment goes directly to one of your upline sponsors (initially to your referrer, then up the line). Read the instructions carefully as you’ll need to ad a note to seller on your payment with a confirmation code and record the transaction ID from your payment processor in a second step. And the upline will approve your payment from his back-end. Personally, I would’ve preferred a different approach to this matter, but it’s their choice.

I can’t stress this enough. Monthly solo ads for a one-time payment of $7 is hard to come by. If you’re not a member of LeasedAdSpace I highly recommend it, even if we only consider this particular benefit.

Update, July 4th

All banner and text impressions associated with all traffic packages have been doubled (retroactively!).

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  1. Yes, I need solo e-mail ads.. Are they pricey?
    Brian Fleming recently posted…The Total Pitcher Training Program Bonus

  2. $7 one-time fee. And you can send solo emails every 28 days.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…We Are In Pre-Release Mode!

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