Mens Sana in Corpore Sano



I don’t know what the definition of fitness is and I don’t care. I have my own definition for it: if you feel well in your own body (and mind), you’re not kidding yourself, and you’re continuously doing something to keep them well balanced, then you’re probably fit.

Of course, that’s “fit” for an average guy, you are probably not fit to compete at the next Olympics.

You might not be a pack of muscles either. I am not. But I hold an immense respect for the inscription found on the side of my high school and it’s simple meaning: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (that’s Latin for “Healthy mind in a healthy body”).

You might not have guessed that if you had met me when I was in high school, but even then I thought the same way. Because I have a physical disability since birth and overprotective parents, I was excused from doing any sports in school. My first teacher was the smartest and he told my parents that I should take these classes for my own health, and if there’s anything I can’t do, I should just say and skip it. There wasn’t. He even commended me at some point in a parents meeting for my sports results, despite my problem.

Future sports teachers took the motivation and didn’t really care. So I did nothing and I stopped caring.

Although I never was and never will be an athlete, future life events determined me to take a closer watch on my health. And that includes my fitness, as I see it.

It isn’t very easy. Both my parents are fat (although they sort of try not to be) and if I don’t take care both with nutrition and with fitness, I would be too. It’s a matter of self-control. Sometimes a lot of it. And of practice. Daily morning routine. And walking… quite a bit.

I’ve just tried a new mobile application tied up with the Steem blockchain and posted my results for yesterday. It’s very… new, therefore it has much to grow to catch up to earlier competitors on the fitness market.

But, they leverage the power of the Steem blockchain and even more, its perspectives. Without going into details, you are simply rewarded for taking a minimum of 5000 steps daily. The reward grows progressively until it reach the 10000 steps mark or beyond.

Would you be tempted to try walking the minimum daily distance now, if you haven’t? Would you be more consistent, if you haven’t? These are good questions. I hope the answer is yes.

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