Money in the List

Money in the List

The money is in the list. This is a statement we hear often. But is it true? Short answer: yes and no. Is this confusing? Allow me to explain!

Having a huge list definitely helps sky-rocket your results. But is it all it takes? Let’s assume we give access to a complete newbie to write a few emails to a huge (and responsive) list. No preparation, no guidance, no overseeing. What do you think will happen?

Surely you don’t expect the experiment to produce a comparable number of sales as the list owner usually gets! The usual customers will see right through the sudden change of style and hold back in most cases. Others will take one step further and unsubscribe because they don’t like what they see and were used to.

 It takes time to build a list, and that is a good thing!  [Buying a list is a non-option for so many reasons!] In the process of building the list, you will become a better email marketer and learn from your mistakes. You’ll also build a relationship with your subscribers, both you and them will begin to understand what to expect from each other.

Imagine the opposite scenario. Deprive an established, successful marketer of his list, his connections network, give him (or her) a small budget and see how he’s doing in a limited timeframe.

Let’s see what we have here: the established marketer is still the same person (imagine that!), so he benefits of the brand awareness built in years. And you can’t take away his knowledge and experience either. Also something acquired in time. Might not be as easy as when all the tools were at his disposal, but there’s no way you can turn him into a newbie again in a domain he masters!

But, guess what? The established, successful marketer was once a newbie. Some of the ingredients that made him what he is now we looked over in this blog post: time (as in years), brand, list.

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2 Comments on Money in the List

  1. Nice article, Adrian!
    You have come up with some nice comparisons between a newbie and a well-established marketer. It is true that it is important to build your own list, with your own style, with some good interactions between you and your subscribers. Well done!

  2. Thank you Lucie! I love when I see personal touch and evolution in someone’s style or business. Because that means that person is not thinking in terms of blueprints, but rather more out-of-the-box, which on the long run is a winner.

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