New Add-On Tease Plus Reward

new add-on tease

I’ve been working lately on a new add-on to Adrian’s Hub which is now close to completion. A tool which can help anyone committed to improving their results and becoming more effective on the long run, regardless of their industry or personal interest in using it.

Hmm, for a tease I said too much already… :)

I can also say the new add-on will become available to our members within the next two weeks and it will be free to use by any member of Adrian’s Hub. However, upgraded members will benefit of improvements not available to free members, at the same upgrade cost as before the add-on release.

But let’s go one step further. Here are two blurred captured images of the new add-on “in action”:

new addon tease image 2 august 2017

new addon tease image 1 august 2017

Do you have any idea what the new add-on is about? What it will actually do?

Feel free to try your best guess in the comments below!
If any of our members guesses, he or she will have 20 VIP points from me, which is huge! :) I mean the first one who guesses.

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25 Comments on New Add-On Tease Plus Reward

  1. Its may be really positive.

  2. I’m gonna have to say that it’s sort of a tracking system. Rotator and trackers maybe?

  3. Hmm, but that’s the cool thing. Tracking what? It’s not tracking advertising. :)

    It’s fantastic that you said ‘tracking system’ right from the first choice! If no one else can guess what will the new add-on be tracking, I will consider giving the reward to you, although you obviously thought of a different kind of tracker.

  4. You are right Kanakjyoti (but not enough for the reward, lol)! Thanks for your comment!


  6. Charlotte // August 10, 2017 at 10:15 pm //

    A tracker that tracks your performance at Adrians Hub perhaps.

  7. Nope. :) Although the new training will have its own progress tracking.

  8. No, that’s not it. I gave you a big hint in the blog post when I said “regardless of the industry or personal interest in using it”.

    If any of you wants to try again, you are welcome.

  9. Its a pie graph that shows were your referrals come from and how many hits you got from the place you advertising it at and the tracking of your referrals

  10. There are pie charts too, but everything else you said is not what this tool is about.
    Pie charts and the information they give are very important though!

    I reiterated a hint in my response to Charlotte.

    Here’s another BIG one: this tool is online but it doesn’t necessarily track something online. :)

  11. maybe its a graph where you can make more cash from a ptc and tracking of your auto responder
    John Chapman recently posted…Glimpse at Our Main Contest

  12. Strange how you linked a PTC with an autoresponder. But no. (oops, apparently we found a bug in commentluv)

  13. To me it may be a computer application which can help in the marketing /online work in relation to that

  14. Don’t think ‘marketing’, ‘sales’ or something very domain-specific. And you will get closer. Although it can help in those areas too.

  15. Then it is a tracking system to tell when someone logs-in

  16. I’ll most likely be without internet connection until Tuesday. But keep guessing if you want to, I’ll read all the comments when I’ll be back and if anyone gets the right answer meanwhile I’ll let you know.

    I also decided to offer a 10 tokens bonus to all members to have tried or will try to find the right answer. Good luck!

  17. Nope, it is helpful to any of our members who is “committed to improving their results and becoming more effective on the long run”, not to me as an admin (I use it too, but as a regular member). You should really read previous comments for clues. :)

  18. Charlotte // August 11, 2017 at 10:57 pm //

    A time tracker? To help you organize your time. That would be a great Add-on.

  19. Its and new tracking system of the battle grounds that will to help you see how to get more points
    John Chapman recently posted…Glimpse at Our Main Contest

  20. I read your post and read all the comments and I will say this. It’s a real tease Adrian.
    Nick Grimshawe recently posted…Two Ways Effective Email Management Benefits You

  21. Thanks Nick! I’m glad it is. I find it a great exercise from time to time to to stir the imagination of our members.

  22. Nope, it’s not that! :)

  23. BINGO! I will consider this response correct, because it’s very close to the actual intent I have with the new add-on! I will give all the details when I’ll release it.

  24. Cheryl Fitzjohn // August 16, 2017 at 6:02 am //

    I guess by I didnt want to. looks like sharing or opion links. like twitter. google+ but am good what ever. But am stoked for it

  25. Thank you all for your comments and guesses, it was fun! Charlotte’s last try is really close to the purpose of the new add-on, although not 100% accurate. But I selected it as the winner of our little guessing game here. I’ll add all prizes a little later.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Autoresponder Features: Essentials, Important and Others

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