Not Everyone Succeeds, But Anyone Can. Part One

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When we first come online with the intent to earn money, we are pumped up, we have many illusions and we expect to see immediate gains for our efforts. Many advertisements emphasize exactly what you want to hear, even if it has little to do with reality. Nobody or very few will tell you of the risks, the commitment and focus, the volume of work or the expertise you need to gain to be successful.

Let’s get through three basic misconceptions and mistakes beginners are likely to have or do:

  1. Fast, but free.
  2. One of the first illusions new people come with online — and many advertisements feed on this illusion — is that of fast profits. If in some cases and with certain risks fast profits can be obtained, absolutely nowhere is this possible without money.

    If you don’t have any money to start with, expect your journey to be long, sometimes very long! And there’s no guarantee you’ll be profitable in the end.

    My endeavors during the first four years of earning money online were spent mostly as a free member (and owner), and without any plan other than to cash out as soon as I hit the minimum. Looking retrospectively, I look at those years mostly as wasted years from so many points of view.

    If at least I had a plan to become a paid member in programs offering services as important today as they were then (like an autoresponder to build my list), that would have given me a four years head start.

    So, if you want results fast, make sure you have money and lots of it. If you don’t have money, don’t expect fast results, and have a plan to grow on the long-term.

  3. Success, but No Growth.
  4. You are new, pumped up and ready to be successful. You join some sites alongside other new, pumped up and ready to be successful members. You do your part, every day, like clockwork.

    Time goes by, nothing significant happens. Some become disappointed, but continue — not all, others give up. Every once in a while a ray of hope shines and the disappointed get their spirit back. And the cycle goes on.

    But wait! Where’s the growth part? Oh right… From time to time the group discovers someone evades to a different group. He or she has stepped up in online business, has grown and now success is nearer. For the one who stepped-up, the rest are still struggling.

    The morale is this: don’t expect to be successful if you are not willing to change, to grow.

    I like this quote from Jim Rohn: “Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become”.

  5. More Money, but No Risks.
  6. We all want more money, don’t we? Now, assuming you make X dollars per day or Y dollars per year, you can certainly make more. X+10 dollars per day or Yx2 dollars per year is more.

    The are two ways to achieve this goal:
    (a) putting in longer hours to do the same things you are currently doing
    (b) making a positive change

    The downside of (a) is you will eventually run out of hours in a day, you’ll become a living robot and you won’t progress at all past your initial stage. The upside is you get to feel comfortable.

    The downside of (b) is a change is uncomfortable, sometimes risky because you venture into the unknown. The upside is you will grow as a person and / or as a business and that eventually attracts success, said Mr. Rohn, and I believe him because it has been tested many times in the past.

Next week I’ll share two more personal stories to go along with this blog post.

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6 Comments on Not Everyone Succeeds, But Anyone Can. Part One

  1. Tony Matyasovszky // February 12, 2017 at 8:33 pm //

    Very valid points. it takes money to make money. also, you have to take a risk in life sometimes. even if it does cost a few dollars. Yes I did waste money in the past, but I really didn’t do my homework and I was a Newbie. Now I learn to research any program before I invest.

  2. Thanks for your comment Tony!
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Never Quit

  3. It is crazy that you can,t even get a member to join with you for FREE.Then somebody can come along and they have had more training then you.They can have a little different profile picture which attract more people to there sites.Yes I have seen it done brainy storm is a fine example for this.

  4. John, I discovered that when I am or sound TOO PUSHY I don’t get what I want. In fact, I get exactly the opposite. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know.

    Everything needs to come naturally, even to convince someone to join you for free.

    Yes, you need training to get better in every aspect of life.

    As for the profile picture. You can change it, I know you tried and said it didn’t go well. When I changed it years ago, I did a whole campaign just to let people know which was my avatar and which is my new avatar. That’s called rebranding, and it works for personal branding too.

    I hope this helps you.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Never Quit

  5. Cheryl fitzjohn // February 16, 2017 at 7:05 pm //

    This a good point tho I not (pushing) was upgrade in some areas but then things change. alot. I never really made any thing above my upgrades. I get ignore alot. I work as best I can to make what splash page I think is most truthful. if my downine doesn’t talk to me in some sites. I don’t talk to them. I have introduce my self (most of them on in CTP>) never do a thing ever ever .. I have a lot of site i join for many reason. a downline does mean anything. I try to earn with promo codes and cross promos. I don’t think branding ever help me. I know I lot but i can’t seem to do. I write and share but since I can’t do it. they don’t believe me. (answer people questions on chats.) etc. this is a great article.

  6. Thanks for sharing Cheryl. Now, I’m not the utmost expert out there, but as far as I can see things, when something like you describe happens can be for one of two reasons:

    1. you’re doing something wrong, and that you can fix (by understanding the cause and becoming better in that area)

    2. you are addressing the wrong crowd (which, at times, happens to all of us).
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Strategy For New Members of Adrian’s Hub

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