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Online success… That’s kinda vague, isn’t it? Success itself goes by many definitions, one more famous than the other, but we’re not plunging into that territory (everyone has a representation of what success is or at least some success models). Let’s just keep it simple: online success would be achieved by someone having an online activity as its main support.

How often do you see an image of a tropical island, the real estate of your dreams or an expensive car associated with online success, usually followed by a guaranteed blueprint for achieving it (and on top of that, the promise of an early retirement)? While this might work in a handful of cases, it’s nothing but a mirage meant to lower our safeguards most of the times.

I don’t believe in generally applicable and widely available blueprints for becoming successful, much less effortless and overnight.  If that were true, then success would start to fade into ordinary, wouldn’t it?  What works for me might not work for you or the other way around. Or simply put, there are many variables which influence one’s path to success or failure.

Sticking to online marketing, most successful online marketers I know or have observed in time, have grown their businesses in years, usually overcoming failures along the way, and still work diligently to keep their businesses going (and growing).

The reality is that many people worldwide were forced to look at the online opportunities, after the financial crisis had struck in 2007 and they lost their jobs with very few prospects of finding new ones. Some stayed on course and began generating enough online income to replace the need of a regular offline job.

We regard some of them as successful now. So what do these people have in common?

the initial need that made them act
they never fresh out of ideas, they are curious and inquisitive by nature
they have initiative and want to put their ideas into practice
they work well with others and understand the benefits of doing team work
Leadership / Execution
they are either natural leaders or have skills that help them put the ideas into practice (or understand their limitations and hire professionals instead)
Determination and Finalization
setting out targets and following their realization is a way of living for them; they bring their projects to completion, don’t give up on the way at the first sign of trouble

Success isn’t at everyone’s reach, but common people can make a decent living online by working, through affiliate marketing or, why not, by testing their entrepreneurial skills. Although doing business online usually allows a certain flexibility of your schedule compared to a regular job, if you want it to succeed, you need to put in effort and time.

Stop being hypnotized by the tropical island mirage and start working! Set out achievable goals and be focused and committed in pursuing them! Do you have some goals now? Do you feel better if you do? I bet you do! Just don’t expect to see consistent results today, next week, next month, or even this year!  You haven’t found the key to a secret society of absolute richness because you’re doing the ‘online thing’.  But staying on course and committed to your goals will bring results in time.

Oh yeah, and when it feels right, take a vacation! Maybe to a… tropical island? :) Just don’t ignore your need for a break!

If you have been trying to find your path in online marketing, but without much success, I would recommend you to check out the sites from the training section under internet marketing tools. They might give you a fresh perspective, or put some structure in your actions.

If you have just dived in your first online marketing endeavor and have no idea where to begin from, why don’t you try from here?

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