Order Spotlight Page Hits

Our spotlight page ads are displayed when members log into their Private Hub for the first time on every day. They are not unique, but they are displayed in a very limited rotation (really, they are often sold out!), which make our spotlight ad system perfect for a longer period campaign, not for a day of being in the spotlight.

The spotlight page ad gives you a 15 seconds exposure time, without any distractions and a minimally sized top bar.

These are the available packages:
– 500 hits normal delivery: $8.00 (or 800 tokens)
– 500 hits priority delivery: $9.90 (or 990 tokens)
– 1000 hits normal delivery: $15.00 (or 1,500 tokens)
– 1000 hits priority delivery: $17.50 (or 1,750 tokens)

Priority delivery increases the speed of delivery and the chance your ad is picked to be displayed next a little bit, but not exponentially.

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Your Contact Email:
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Steps involved in ordering hits for the website of your choice:
1. Enter your contact email (use subscriber email if you intend to pay with tokens!) and website URL in the form above.
2. Your URL will be tested for breaking frames. If everything appears to be ok, you’ll be able to proceed to the next step.
3. At this point your spotlight ad will be pending approval. You’ll receive an email once your ad has been approved or disapproved. If approved, you’ll be able to proceed to the next step from the approval email.
4. Select your package and your payment method (Paypal or AdriansHub.com tokens).
5. Once payment received (or deducted from your available tokens), the purchased hits will be assigned to your spotlight ad, which will become active.
6. Finally, you’ll be able to see the stats and manage your ad (you can do that from Private Hub -> Purchase -> Your Ads menu).