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I thought we should take a break in our weekly online marketing journey for a peek into the future.

We are fortunate to live in a day and age which is better than anything from the past, in terms of war conflicts, health, general quality of life (air conditioning was invented in 1902, the common refrigerator in 1922), access to schooling and more importantly self-education, world-wide connectivity, practically free access to compete in the world-wide online market (the first desktop computer was created in 1964, World Wide Web in mid-90s).

If we live the best time in our history, will the future be better or worse? Simple answer is it will probably be better. Which doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges to overcome. We all know some of them: global warming, new diseases and resistant viruses, pollution or the effects of some chemicals we use, insufficient resources to feed a growing world population on the long-term, and more. Some of them are chained together, others seem contradictory (like we probably have enough lab generated food to feed the world for the longer term, but that is not exactly food).

But let’s consider another. We all know an almost certainty the future holds for us. The continuous and increasing rate at which various jobs will be automated by computer programs or more advanced, by artificial intelligence. Which means those jobs will no longer be performed by humans.

Until someone smarter will find an alternative work all those people can do, here’s one you can train for and become better at right now, and which will hold the test of time: being your own boss and working for yourself. We seem to have an edge here as online entrepreneurs, since we started early, don’t we?

Us humans, have always been adaptable beings throughout history. But what we are facing now are new challenges, never seen before. The increasing rate at which our knowledge becomes obsolete, multiple times during our lifespan. The increased bombardment of information and distractions. These are new challenges and we need to rise up to their level!

The solution is “simple, but not easy”, as Brian Tracy likes to say. Keep learning to avoid being trapped in the past and stay focused on one task at a time, to avoid distractions and irrelevant information.

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2 Comments on Peek Into the Future

  1. Cheryl Fitzjohn // June 25, 2017 at 2:54 am //

    Yes good points. One task a time huh. lol. But not too many. sometimes i have to put up banner ads and assign credits while i do te’s or even do a mailing and add sites to send at the same time.

  2. Well, one task can be daily advertising, which can include all you said above, Cheryl. The management of the micro-tasks which compose the larger task is a different issue, but important none the less. In some cases, like the ones you describe, they become a habit, which means you do them almost without thinking.

    However, if you try to do your daily advertising and respond to emails or write a blog post at the same time, those are two separate things. And at least the writing part requires the cognitive part of your brain to be focused. And it won’t be if you do multiple tasks at the same time. Do you see the difference?
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