Plus One Business Model

Plus One, improving daily, by taking small, easily achievable action steps every day, that sounds like a simple enough plan. Anyone could do it, right? Wrong! Most people won’t follow through. Actually, most won’t even try it!

Here are a few reasons why they would give up:

  • don’t benefit of proper guidance
  • don’t see immediate results
  • become distracted and fail
  • scared to try again after a failure
  • satisfied with what they’ve achieved so far and become lazy

Who said work is easy? It’s certainly easier to blame others when you fail. But successful people keep going and giving up is not an option.

Let me tell you a little story.

When I joined ClickTrackProfit, I was mostly inactive, had completely other priorities and wasn’t paying much attention to it. Didn’t even bother to add a profile picture either, I was pretty fond of my privacy! That suddenly changed during a slower period for me, when I had more time and decided to take a closer look to this site I kept seeing and was a member of. Loved what I discovered and kept going. I also added a profile picture… But do you think it was a picture of myself? Not even close! I used a bear-face instead for about six months or so. Nice, smiley bear, but still a bear!

With a little convincing from Nick Grimshawe, none other than our Plus One Blog Carnival Barker, as well as from Jeremiah Johnson, leader and deputy-leader of my CTP Team at the time, I finally made the transition to my own photo.

I hope this paints the picture of how long a simple action can take in some cases. This can be done in 5 minutes, it took me one year to add my own picture to the profile! But that didn’t stop me, quite the contrary. Once getting started, I kept going. Since then, I’ve started experimenting with my advertising, building my list and having my own blog, which I like to customize a lot. I also enjoy helping people at the beginning, if they only want to be helped, as much as I seek another opinion to either confirm my reasoning or see things from a different perspective.

On top of that, I do freelancing work for a financial media company. On a daily basis. Sometimes I find out details related to my advertising experience. Did you know that LiquidWeb has a new private owner? Just search “LiquidWeb buyout” on the web if you’re interested in a bit of public information.

That seems like a lot of plus ones from a faceless inactive individual in the crowd. But guess what? The secret of this business and personal enhancement model that I also embrace is it never ends. Small steps eventually grow into big steps and then huge ones.

Whether you choose to follow the actionable and achievable steps Jon describes so well in his e-book or create your own set of steps, the model itself is highly effective, but only if you stick to the plan.

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About Adrian Gurgui
Creator of, I enjoy working from home and having a flexible schedule. My mission: to grow myself, then teach and help others to step up and inspire them to offer help at their turn.

12 Comments on Plus One Business Model

  1. Yay Adrian! I have been watching Adrian since the bear days, because he took the action of buying a badge hunt badge!

    His steps may seem large to some of us, but as he explains, they are all rooted in small steps. What a great way to go!

  2. Thank you Tom for commenting! Oh yeah, I skipped a few steps in this article or no one would have read it! lol

    And you’re right, this part of my journey started with the very small step of adding a profile picture and being active. Everything else followed.

  3. Wow Adrian, I love that you told that story about your picture. It’s a big challenge for some people and a good example of a plus one step. But you left out the rest of the story. From the moment you posted your picture, it was like seeing some one come out of the shell. You started doing all kinds of things, and getting your brand out there. Love this article…and again, goes back to Andrew Stark’s post. You can read his story when you link back to the Carnival from Adrian’s page here. (sorry for the plug).

    One the the unmentioned thrills of plus one is to see others plus one, and move forward.

    Thanks Adrian.

  4. Marian Gurowicz // August 14, 2015 at 2:59 am //

    Adrian, you provided a great example of how someone can get started and then be applying the +1 model in even tiny steps make an impact. Congratulations on taking the actions necessary to move your business forward.

  5. Bam!

    Love it love it love it!

    Great suggestions and you hit the nail on the head describing why people give up.

    It’s the ‘easier’ thing to do.

    Keeping on, keeping on ….Now that’s the challenge!

  6. Thank you Jon! Exactly, the hardest thing to do is keeping on. But I know if I really want something, and like what I do, there’s nothing stopping me but myself.

  7. Thank you Marian! I told this story on purpose, because I see many out there that are right where I was then. And taking one small step might not seem like much, but it can change everything if you keep going after that.

  8. Oh no, thank YOU Nick for the opportunity to be here at the Plus One Blog Carnival! Yes, I left out branding (how could I?). Without people knowing you and associating you with the product of your work, you don’t really have anything. And I agree, Andrew’s post really captures the essence of the story telling.

  9. I remember the CTP Masters days and recall the story of your photo….since that time I know we have signed up under each other for different programs…and I think your Adrians Hub is a great idea!

  10. Thank you Keith, much appreciated, especially since you’re no stranger to Adrian’s Hub! Yes, we have signed up under each other since CTP Masters was still alive… I like signing up under people close to me and my memory goes a long way.

  11. Gary Calvert II // August 20, 2015 at 5:07 am //

    This is true, not only with business, but with everything in life, if you want to be good at music, sports, photography, etc. Whatever your passion is, those small steps lead to something bigger and bigger, all the time, as long as you don’t stop.

  12. Absolutely Gary! It’s safe to say plus one model works in everything we do. Personal development and business alike.

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