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October is a special month at Adrian’s Hub because the site launched on October 20th, back in 2014. It is also the second year we hold our +1 Year Anniversary Event, when we celebrate our birthday but mostly our members and small community, for whom I am so grateful!

I started this blog three years ago, like many do, with the main intention to tell the world about the programs I use. As time flew by (and so did some of those programs!), I became more experienced. That encouraged me to share advice, and sometimes voice opinions, despite not always being right. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but it’s a change and very consistent with today’s trends.

The next step was the Private Hub, which is a completely custom script I created in time. I have a programming background, but before starting to work on this script I probably hadn’t done any real programming work for over 10 years. And no previous “field” experience with any of the languages I was going to use.

So, creating the membership area of Adrian’s Hub and customizing the child WordPress theme has been a huge learning curve, one that I’m proud of going through.

Adrian’s Hub is still not mobile-friendly, and it will be a big challenge for the next cycle to make it mobile-friendly.

Let’s return to present day. We are about to begin our second +1 Year Anniversary Event. This year I want to try something different, with multiple events and perks throughout the month of October.

We will have scheduled

  • a new referral contest
  • special anniversary bonuses for our main contest
  • random prizes for our members who use ‘Your Goals Tracker’
  • 8 x 1 million CTP XP prizes
  • bidding for referrals in my downline at Adrian’s Hub
  • double reward points for purchases on Adrian’s Hub
  • double reward points for viewing spotlight page ads
  • different login offer every day or every few days, and some rare offers you don’t want to miss out. Take a good look at those login offers, because they are generally targeted for events running right then.

Because there are so many events and bonuses to pay attention to, I thought it is better to put together a schedule for the +1 Year Anniversary Event 2017. It’s all there, except the login offers, but their schedule is already set up too. You can make your own planning now, knowing in advance what’s coming and when!

Let the +1 Year Anniversary Events Begin!

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2 Comments on +1 Year Anniversary Events 2017

  1. Cheryl Fitzjohn // October 1, 2017 at 7:36 pm //

    thank you. is there splash page that also promotes event.

  2. Great point, Cheryl, I’ll add it to the promo materials! Now would also be a great time to promote the referral contest lead page!

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