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Did you know it’s projected that by year 2020 half of the world’s population will have access to the internet? That’s more than 3.5 BILLION people!

Of them, many will pay for products and services online. And plenty new people will want to earn either a part or full income online.

Here are some potential scenarios.

David works a full-time job offline. He loves his job, but he’s always short on money. He has about 2-3 hours a day he can use to do something else for an extra income. But what? David searches online for earning opportunities. He sees a bunch of get-rich-quick schemes and gets scared, he’s a man who takes little risks. But he also sees you can get paid for doing stuff online, like taking surveys, doing tasks, and more. That looks perfect to him, he already gets paid to do things at his job, the jump isn’t that scary. And that’s how David starts.

Helen lost her job. She can’t find another one, despite her efforts. She desperately needs money, so as a last resort searches online to see what she can find. She jumps at the first free opportunity to make money online she comes across, because she can’t afford any other option.

Wendy spends a lot of time on social media with her friends. She sees many ads about the possibility to earn money online. Once, Wendy gets curious and clicks an advertisement. She loves the site and that she can get paid for her time online! She also recommends it to her friends.

Joe is frustrated at work. At some point he has enough and quits his job. He is confident in his abilities to succeed on his own and starts a new business, and off he goes into entrepreneurship. But times are tough and his business doesn’t lift off. Joe is disappointed but is still pursuing his dream to own a business. He needs more customers, and expands his prospecting online. Successful online entrepreneurs keep saying he needs to walk before he can run. So Joe starts walking the walk, but never loses sight of his dream.

You see, all these scenarios have something in common. Everyone takes almost the same first steps online. Instant gratification to cover current needs will always prevail against the prospect of exponential growth on the long term. Few will choose and commit to the second path, but practically none at the beginning of their journey.

Adrian’s Hub is a combination of a:
blog where I share encouragement and guidance, thoughts, self-development tips, self-example stories, and occasional recommendations
rewards system, providing instant gratification for actions taken, as well as encouragement to pursue long term endeavors, which will most likely result in much higher rewards than instant gratification
advertising venue particularly suited for people at the beginning of their online journey or a few steps higher.

The new add-on I’ve been working on for the past two months, is a frame where instant gratification providers and seekers can meet. It is currently in pre-release mode, accessible to a small group of people who have taken considerable action on my site, before being released to the entire membership and publicly advertised.

More about it after launch! :)

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