PTC Clasics: Neobux & Clixsense – Comparative Review


In the unlikely event you haven’t heard of them before, let’s see what paid-to-click platforms are (or PTC, in short). On this type of platforms, advertising is incentivized and members are rewarded with a small cash amount (usually a few pennies, at most) for each ad they click on. This way the advertisers have the guarantee their advertisements are viewed by many people, but no guarantee these members are actually interested in their ads or they just want to collect the cash incentive. Nonetheless, carefully crafted ads will catch many eyes, especially if they relate to the online earning opportunities or work from home niches.

Now, when we talk about paid-to-click sites, there are two of them which absolutely can’t be ignored: NeoBux and Clixsense. So, I decided to treat them together and comparatively.

Background. Both NeoBux and Clixsense are veterans in the PTC realm, having a long history behind them. Clixsense was first, in 2007, and one year after, NeoBux was also launched. They have both huge memberships, into the millions of members.

Who Are They For? Wondering if either one of these sites is for you? If you usually hurry to join sites which promise quick profits, don’t bother! It will take time to become successful on ClixSense and NeoBux. Most likely less time if you don’t stick to the free options, but still not the popular “overnight” success. If you have no money at all, but a lot of time (and patience), both of them can help you grow.

PTC Platform. Clixsense and NeoBux are PTC sites at core, but they both evolved in other directions too. From the PTC point of view, both sites offer diverse packages for the advertisers to select and members to click on.

As a member interested in cash bonuses, you can earn a few pennies every day from your own efforts in the PTC area, for only a few minutes a day. Nothing spectacular, but everyone will receive enough ads to click on.

As an advertiser, your benefits will be noticeable, at least. If your product relates to online earning opportunities or work from home niches, you will find tons of people who are interested in these niches on both sites.

ClixGrid / AdPrize. Another similar feature in both sites is a chance game called ClixGrid on ClixSense and AdPrize on NeoBux. This game offers members a chance to win various prizes by viewing more ads, and advertisers more exposure.

Offers. Tasks. Surveys. These components should not to be ignored by members who really need some additional income, especially when they first start working online. If you have a lot of free time and very few other options, these simple mini-jobs can make the difference between no money and a little money.

ClixSense includes more options for mini-job and offer searchers, and also surveys and a daily checklist that requires completing offers and tasks to unlock more bonuses. But you can find offers and mini-jobs on NeoBux too.

Browser Addons. If you focus on clicking ads for their cash rewards, then you should install the browser addons which notify you when new ads are available. Both ClixSense and NeoBux offer such broweser addons. The downside is you’ll be interrupted from other activities, which is generally a bad thing for your performance. But if you still want to use these addons, you can select which type of ads to trigger a notification and which to be ignored.

Affiliate Program. As in most cases, referral bonuses are the main source of income for most successful members on both sites. But it also introduces controversial options.

Both sites offer affiliate bonuses for direct referrals, as expected. The extra options are those controversial.

On NeoBux, members have the option to rent out referrals and earn from their clicks. Enough people say rented referrals are only bots and not real persons, so we can’t ignore this claim. There are also plenty of people who mastered NeoBux as a profitable source of income, mainly using affiliate benefits. I, however, have no evidence of this fact, either way.

Clixsense has a multi-level marketing affiliate program, but only for upgraded members. However MLM systems are controverted and some people avoid them without even taking a look at the business behind them.

Support. I’ll be honest with you. I think I only needed to contact support after my late NeoBux account was disabled for inactivity. I must say I still disagree with their policy to disable old inactive accounts (like mine was), but maybe this practice maintains a more active membership…

Apart from that, the FAQs and forums of both NeoBux and Clixsense are more than enough to clear up most questions or issues you might have (even in your own language). Only if you have the patience to search for the right information and then read it.

On this topic, it feels right to mention the multi-language support NeoBux has. Not everyone speaks English, French, Spanish or any of the other high circulation languages. As you can see I have no issues with English, despite not being my mother language, but I appreciate this initiative NeoBux owner had to embed multi-language support on his site.

Bottom Line. PTC industry has been the scene of many bad practices, both from the owners and from the members. So, it’s not regarded very highly in the online advertising world. NeoBux and Clixsense managed to surpass the difficulties that hit the paid-to-click industry entirely, and at times, themselves directly (like Paypal account limitation years ago, in their infancy).

I look with respect at any business which has passed the test of time, and NeoBux and Clixsense are both on my very short list of PTC sites I recommend.

LATER UPDATE: Since I wrote this review, both Neobux and Clixsense had to remove their Paypal payment option from their sites by the decision of the payment processor. Clixsense also chose to move away from the PTC industry, remove the multi-tier affiliate program and base their business on tasks, surveys and offers.

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11 Comments on PTC Clasics: Neobux & Clixsense – Comparative Review

  1. Good Article Adrian. I would like to point out that Grid ads are an inexpensive advertising option where I’ve experience good consistent results.


  2. Thanks Nick. Indeed, I use ClixGrid too for advertising (just started another campaign there). I’m pleased by the results from previous campaigns and, as you pointed out, it’s affordable.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Clients and Providers: Avoid Total Dependency!

  3. If you bookmark your sites you can find them better,but I have never been able to get a survey to work at clixsense.As being as busy as I,m I haven,t had time to go all the way threw neobux.
    like you say every little bit helps it will grow one day them pennys will add up.

  4. Strange, surveys usually work for me at Clixsense. I actually like taking them, you can learn by seeing the topics of these surveys and what questions are asked. Of course, you need to answer truthfully, as much as possible, and certainly not pick answers randomly.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Be Hungry!

  5. Gary K Waters // November 19, 2016 at 6:14 pm //

    I have used Clixsense for advertising with good results. also used a sing up campaign for members on other sites.
    I don’t care to do the surveys; I get bored too easily.
    Great article as always,
    I am Hungry!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Gary! Great, stay hungry! :)

    Yes, I like ClixSense for the results I receive. I also attempted a small ad package on NeoBux and probably will try again some time in the future. I can’t testify for the results, because my site didn’t handle the avalanche of traffic very well. But I’m sure it can work well for bigger sites related to the ‘online earning opportunities’ or ‘work from home’ niches, which would be at the core of the interests of NeoBux (and ClixSense) huge memberships.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Be Hungry!

  7. Clixsense and Neobux are incredible
    I think everyone should sign up in these two sites
    Just checking ads daily is wonderful

    The question is how do you promote this site is a secret
    Have fun everyone

  8. Tony Matyasovszky // January 31, 2017 at 2:23 pm //

    I learned something new just from reading this. I never knew that advertising rates were cheaper in the clixgrids.I always enjoy ptc sites as well. it pays a little but a little after a while adds up.

  9. I’m glad it helped Tony!
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Q&A By Adrian #1

  10. I’ve been an earning member at ClixSense from the beginning, Feb of 2007. Millions of members who joined certainly dropped the ball on them income opportunity at Clixsene, specially on the 8 level one time annual upgrade. Even members from 3rd tier countries with no referrals I have seen them average $5, $10 a day. Even seen some members that earned $100.00 in one day at ClixSense.

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience with ClixSense.

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