Q&A By Adrian #3

Q&A by Adrian #3

I am always interested to know what the problems and challenges of people who try to earn an income online are. Sometimes, if I have more experience, I try to find answers to their problems. Here’s a an issue someone told me she has and I know many have the same problem as well.

Question: I have a problem reaching payout in a timely manner. Any advice on how to resolve this issue?


Answer: That is a very common question.

When you join a program you have a primary goal. It can be to earn money from it, or to use its’ services, or to learn something, or to network with other people and so on. You also have secondary goals from the list above, or others I have not included here.

First of all, I haven’t reached payout at many of the sites I have joined over years. But in many cases reaching payout was not a goal for me at some of these sites. I’m not complaining either, I have received many commissions over time. I’m just trying to point out that sometimes you won’t reach payout at a site for various reasons: as I’ve said before, it may not be your goal, or you lose interest, or you haven’t paid attention to the ‘small print’, or the owner is not a monument of correctness, or the site disappears.

But if none of the above is happening, here’s my answer:

If one of your goals is to earn money from the site you join, directly — not by advertising another program, for example —, then make sure you know from the start what your payout options are and what limitations you may have before you cash out (including a threshold).

It would be a great idea if you try to contact your sponsor to see if he or she has been paid recently and if the program is still reliable, because as we all know, this is an important issue with online businesses that may have a very short life cycle.

I assume if you have a problem reaching payout in a timely manner, it’s either because of a very high threshold, or because you earn very little money from that program. Of course ‘timely manner’ is a subjective thing, and one may want it to be daily, another 30 days, and another after 3 months.

I’m just going blind here, without more details, but let’s assume a program where you want to reach payout is a traffic source like a traffic exchange or mailer or other similar. Their primary function is to provide traffic. Affiliate commissions are mainly what their name says: a way to reward affiliates for bringing in new referrals who upgrade or make purchases.

But internet marketing is a big place, and in most situations, affiliate commissions are one of the best ways to make money from a program as a member. So, the easiest way to reach payout in a timely manner, is to become a better affiliate. Hey, if on the site you are considering there are no affiliate commissions, or your main potential source of income there is different, focus on that.

As a beginner without the possibility to reach a large responsive audience at once, it is important that you only focus on a few programs, and on the long term. Learn all you can about them, become an ‘expert’ in these programs.

Promote only these programs and make sure people know you are promoting them and not someone else (use video, use branded advertisements, sign your emails, use your social media accounts etc.). Also make sure people know they can come to you for help with these programs.

And, of course, in the majority of cases it’s a big waste of time to focus on a program trying to earn money from it, while you are a free member. So, if you decide to add a program to your short list, make sure you upgrade there. I would recommend you to do that with programs that constantly improve and which provide a service that will still be useful many years from now.

Here are two more options that can be free, but they require your attention and work: 1. have a blog where you talk about these programs (and only them); 2. create one Facebook fan group for each of these programs

One more option that requires you to have an autoresponder first, is to create a simple email followup series in witch you present these programs and nothing else. And you create and promote an opt-in page for your list. On the opt-in page, you invite people to join your list if they want to find out what programs work for you.

Sometimes, you can reach payout without investing money, only your time, and by following a strict strategy. But that usually requires a lot of time, patience and commitment too, and unless there is a potential for real growth on the long term, I would abandon such solutions.

For basic necessities I strongly believe a job or freelance work, either online or offline, are better alternatives than the crumbs you can get before you start investing in your online business and treat it as such.

I hope this answers the question.

Please add more advice on this matter in the comments below. Everyone who has any amount of experience in online marketing would by now have some idea how to reach payout sooner. Thanks!

Here’s a traffic system where you can make money as a free member too.
Since we talked about it, minimum limit for payout is $10 via Payza:

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2 Comments on Q&A By Adrian #3

  1. Cheryl fitzjohn // May 27, 2017 at 9:47 pm //

    like your point on reading the small print. which some time is huge. This isn’t a question I have either. learning to promote for more buyers or affiliates to help their business is hopefully what I like to do. and share info to help others if I can. I was slow in learning. I let my disability get in the way and didn’t read much. people tell u nothing. you have to read the sites to see what benefits they have.

  2. We often don’t take the time to read the terms of service or small print. Which can be exploited by unethical business people, online and offline.

    Yes, you are right. YOU have to read and do the work. Don’t let your disability stay in your way! I lived with a disability my whole life.

    And if you like being an affiliate, try becoming better at it.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Email Marketing: Relevance of Numbers

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