Rant About Downline Builders…


Downline builders in affiliate marketing provide the means for an affiliate to fill in their own referral ids for a set of affiliate programs. If you’re not a member of one of these affiliate programs, you have the option to quickly join it, using the affiliate id of one of the affiliates in your upline, most usually your direct referrer. So, in as few words as possible, you can build your downline in different programs if you fill in these downline builders (and you should fill them in).

In my own experience, downline builders work, but their impact is limited, or — as I said above — won’t produce miracles.

Let’s be optimistic and start with the good part. Once filled in, downline builders work passively for you to get more referrals. Which is truly set-and-forget.

They don’t really have downsides, but the following points should give you a reality check:

  • joining via the downline builders is often practiced by newbies, who don’t know many people in the respective niche, or other options
  • everyone else except newbies, will ask for a link from friends, teammates, or look for exchanges, benefits and bonuses when joining under someone
  • there are far more effective ways to build your downline (see below)

I don’t think downline builders are bad, just too many and too ineffective compared to the amount of trust and hope they are surrounded with. The fact they work passively still make them useful, so don’t ignore them.

I’ve often been asked if I have or will have a downline builder on Adrian’s Hub where our members can fill in their ids. Sometimes I can sense the question, even if it’s not asked explicitly. The answer is always the same: no. Not because I can’t, simply because I want our members to focus in the areas which really matter, if they thrive to evolve.

If you want to grow your business, then follow these steps and I guarantee they will produce far better results than downline builders:

  1. be a team player, grow your network, build up your relationships
  2. build your own list
  3. have your own blog
  4. create your own product

That’s how you really build downlines! And money, including affiliate commissions.

If you think you don’t have enough money for that, let’s look at each point from the cost perspective:

  1. All you need is openness to interact with people to be a team player, grow your network, build up your relationships. No money at all!
  2. building your own list might cost you up to $20 per month for the autoresponder service and you’ll have your subscribers for the long-term (you can even move them from one autoresponder to another, if you decide to switch). I pay $17.95 for my autoresponder service. Usually it’s really free because I also earn affiliate commissions from them.
  3. you can have your own blog absolutely free, if you host it at WordPress.com. A better option would be to buy your own domain name (cost around $10 per year) and have your own hosting account (you can find a startup hosting plan at a few bucks per month).
  4. for your own product you certainly need a domain name and hosting service, but some other costs can add up as well: hiring a designer, programmer, content creator and generally, outsource every task you can’t do yourself well, or don’t have time for it. But I recommend that you start with the first 3 points and you’ll know when you are ready to step-up to your own product.

I’m not saying it’s easy (reason 1, reason 2), but this is an opportunity open to everyone online. It’s still a surprise for me so few take advantage of it.

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4 Comments on Rant About Downline Builders…

  1. Gary K Waters // October 30, 2016 at 2:00 pm //

    I thought no one would ever write about the downline builders! You are correct on all points. Yes, take the time to add your ID’S, but don’t expect miracles. I advertise sites thousands of times for a few active referrals. The key word is active. I get sign-ups in the builders but many times they become dormant even if you contact them or give them credits.
    Thank you for this post, Well done!

  2. That’s my honest opinion on downline builders. Others may have better results with them than I do, but compared to building relationships, having a blog, your own list and eventually your own product, they are far less effective. On the long term I mean. Thanks for stopping by, Gary!
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Adrian’s Hub Is 2!

  3. Tony Matyasovszky // January 25, 2017 at 2:13 pm //

    I agree with Adrian on this one. I prefer to build relationships because the more people you know,the more relationships you build.then you meet their friends and so on.I have a blog that I use but I am just beginning to understand and use it more. as for a product, I hope some day I will have something that can be useful to others.

  4. That’s awesome Tony, a great way to start. Don’t worry, running a blog is the easy part now with WordPress. It’s more difficult to come up with topics to talk about sometimes, if you post regular articles.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Strategy For New Members of Adrian’s Hub

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