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reaching up

I decided to write a short blog post after listening to this recording of Plus1Daily, as I usually do during week mornings.

Jon Olson says in his rant which really touched me, it’s far better to reach up than down in business, but most entrepreneurs won’t do that and settle for what’s comfortable. Which is true. And I over-simplified it, of course.

What happens if you not only don’t reach up, but won’t even reach out most of the times?

A dear friend and colleague of mine from the university once told me that people might perceive me as unapproachable or even arrogant. I don’t remember how we got to this point of the conversation or her exact words, but the meaning is not lost. I asked her at the time if that’s how she saw me. She said: “No, of course not, but I know you.”.

You can see that conversation made an impression on me, since I still remember it many years after. And she was right, too.

But how did she came to the conclusion I’m neither unapproachable nor arrogant (hmm, maybe a little arrogant at times?!)? She got to know me first. You see, there are people who enjoy living inside a shell, except around a few very close friends. I’m one of them. And I know a few people who have made a tremendous impact around them and worldwide, who are naturally withdrawn.

Oh my gosh, here I am resembling arrogant again, by comparing myself to top impact makers! :)

Well, what I was trying to say is, from the positive examples out there, I can see two ways for a person living inside a shell to succeed:

  1. to learn to get out of the shell more often, even if it’s uncomfortable
  2. to have someone naturally opened as an “interface” to the world (hey, anyone watches “Scorpion”?)

I still have a long way to go on either of the paths up there. So not exactly a positive example myself.

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