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best traffic sources

If you have been around online marketing a considerable amount of time, you must’ve noticed a recurring question popping up: What are your best/recommended traffic sources?

If you have no idea where to start generating traffic, a list of recommended traffic sources is good and there are plenty of those (I have one for our members too). Even better if it’s included in a training program.

Let’s return to our question.

This question is asked by both newbies and experienced marketers, either to confirm their own choices or in the hope of finding a raw diamond before everyone else rushes in.

I argue that in both cases the answer will not help you as much as you think it would. If you are in doubt about a traffic source, the only thing to scatter it will be tracking the results of your advertising. If you are looking for raw diamonds, they are rarely shared publicly by those who know them. Privately or in very small groups, you might get a chance, though.

In most cases, the answer will disappoint you, because you’ll think you already know it. However, there’s a huge difference between thinking you know something and doing the daily work required to achieve it.

Traffic sources are just a small part of what makes a difference in marketing. I’ve outlined five elements of marketing in a previous blog post, to which I’d like to add one more: the client, in case you are not promoting for yourself.

I’d recommend you to read the article linked above, I explain there why we have so many differences in our results from advertising. And why any “best traffic sources” list has a rather personal note attached to it.

But besides that, there are mistakes we make that also influence our results. If you want to become an expert in a field, it’s best to learn from an expert. Brian Tracy is a sales expert and he wrote quite a few evergreen books on sales. Without being an expert in sales or lead generation myself, I remarked some of the usual mistakes:

  • not building a list (any ethical means to capture prospects’ contact information for re-targeting and the possibility to build a relationship is acceptable, but keep in mind mediums like Facebook are corporate and you do not own the list of your friends, while a list of emails from people who consented to be on your list is yours and you can take it with you if you change the service provider)
  • giving up too soon (it is a widely accepted number that a prospect takes action on an advertisement he sees roughly after 7 impressions and that only if he or she is interested)
  • targeting the wrong audience with your product (like trying to sell a dog product to a cat lover)
  • presenting the product in a way that discourages the audience to take action or buy (sending the wrong message, poor design or sales copy quality, not knowing or understanding details about the product)
  • buggy product, bad user experience and/or lousy support (they all hurt reputation and branding, and, what’s worse is we are talking about a converted prospect this time)

We still look for the best traffic sources… This is not really the issue, because as you might’ve noticed, with the exception of certain niches, the majority of non-organic online traffic is now provided by giants like Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon and so on, in any quantity or quality you want (and can afford).

Practically everyone who has access to the internet can be targeted by advertising, the only issue is finding the right audience (at a good price, if not free). I’m not sure if that’s what you desire, but at any time you have a handful of traffic sources to reach any of your potential online prospects. If that’s what you want, master them! Of course, you can also use these avenues to boost the reach of your email marketing and blogging.

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