+1 Year Anniversary Events Schedule

AdriansHub.com: +1 Year Anniversary Events Schedule

+1 Year Anniversary Events Schedule 2017

1. New Referral Contest (after a long absence)

Dates: 1 – 31 October

Prizes: 1st – 20$ 2nd – 10$ 3rd – 5$

Details: From the ‘Referral Contest’ option in the ‘Rewards’ menu, once you are logged in.

2. Anniversary Special Bonuses For the Main Contest

Dates Main Contest: 2 October – 6 November

Special Anniversary Bonuses (apart from cash):
Option 1: 500 Spotlight Page Hits
Option 2: 1 Premium PTD Offer (+3$ in your Purchase Balance)
Option 3: 728×90 Banner Ad for 60 Days on Private Hub Member Area

Details: From the ‘Main Contest Details’ option in the ‘Rewards’ menu, once you are logged in.

3. Random Prizes For Our Members Who Use ‘Your Goals Tracker’ Regularly

Dates: Random between 1 – 31 October

Potential Prizes: 10-25 CP, 10-25 tokens, 5-10 VIP points

Details: From the ‘Your Goals Tracker’ option in the ‘Training & Tools’ menu, once you are logged in.

Updated List of Winners:
Cheryl Fitzjohn – 25 CP
Cheryl Fitzjohn – 5 VIP points
Charlotte Ericson – 20 CP

4. Two Auctions For My Referrals

6-10 October (min) for one of my active refs (at least 30 RP during the last 30 days).
21-25 October (min) for one of my TOP refs (constantly in top and / or made at least a purchase with cash).

Details: From the ‘Bid For Adrian’s Refs’ option in the ‘Affiliate Hub’ menu, once you are logged in.

5. 1 Million XP on Every Day of CTP Teams’ Playoffs

Important Dates (see details below): 4,5,7,8,10,11,13,14 October (the dates before playoff days for CTP Teams)

Winner’s Prize: 1 million CTP XP (split among winners in case of a tie). 8 million CTP XP giveaways in total.

Details: 1 million CTP XP will be given to our member who earns the most reward points on Adrian’s Hub on each of the days listed above. Each million XP will be given the following day, based on the results of the day before (please read rules adjustment!). Daily tops, as well as winners will be listed on the “Specials” page, available from the menu after you log in. Every winner will be contacted for the CTP username using the internal message from Adrian’s Hub.

Additional Condition to Win: Winner needs to have at least 50 RP today (during the days listed above) to get the prize tomorrow. If not, there will be no CTP XP prize the following day.

6. Double RP for Claimed Purchases on Adrian’s Hub

Dates: 9 – 20 October

Details: You must claim the reward for your purchase(s) during that interval for double reward.

7. Double RP for Viewing Spotlight Page Ads

Dates: 21 – 31 October

8. Login Offers You May Not Come Across Anytime Else Except During This Event

Dates: 30 September – 31 October

For any questions about the event, don’t hesitate to contact me.