Rush = Frustration. Taking Time = Rewarding.

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Back to our topic.

You can ask anyone who’s an entrepreneur, small or big, and they’ll tell you that being in business, and especially building one from the ground up yourself in not a picnic.

I’m sure you already knew that, so what IS my point?

The point I’m trying to make comes from the different approaches one can take to go through this period, when things are rocky, at best, and can leave you bankrupt or even give you a heart attack, in worse situations.

I was inspired to write about this after the talk I had with a friend, who told me what he learned after building his offline business during many years and with serious expenses.

He first tried to rush things and that only led to a lot of frustration, because business didn’t performed as he expected and he ran into numerous difficulties, many of them his business was not ready to withstand in its young stage. Therefore, rush led to frustration, and the latter led to more rush, and this generated a vicious cycle for a while.

The way the cycle was broken was when he realized rushing things is not the way to move forward. He learned to take his time with his offline business, and finally the new strategy started to prove rewarding. Not on the short term, where he might even lose more than he wins this way, but on the long term, the business lift up and he now has a similar approach with his investments too.

There’s a clear point to his story. Don’t rush things in business! It will be frustrating and not the path you’d want to take if you want to succeed. Take your time and reap the rewards!

I believe that is generally true for any business, industry and entrepreneur. Well, except if the business model implies a short term perspective, but this also involves a high degree of risk, if not sheer recklessness.

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