Russell Stockley’s Xchange Traffic Relaunched Yesterday. And Some Cool News Of My Own!

I’ll begin with the news Adrian’s Hub has for you. Starting today, one more way to enter a great drawing has been included: via the affiliate programs recommended on the blog. Exact details you can find here.

You can choose to join as a free member of such a program, if it has the option, but only for the most recent 3 (three) posts that feature affiliate programs. If you are unsure, contact us.

If you upgrade to an affiliate program featured on the blog, there is no rigid constraint about how recent the post should be. However, for older posts (say, three months old or beyond), you have to contact us to see if the program is still eligible for the great drawing. Once again, you can find full details about what needs to be done here.

Some of you already know I did a little experiment yesterday. Instead of joining Russell Stockley’s relaunched Xchange Traffic using a link from a close friend or a teammate or from one of the emails received yesterday, I preferred to ask it from my list. Lots of useful information gathered in the process and a great responsiveness! Thank God, people still read my emails!

To be fair, I’m not a pioneer at this. I know Jeremiah Johnson keeps his list responsive by asking for referral links or offering interesting bonuses.

As I mentioned in the email sent yesterday, I will continue to ask for referral links on occasions, both from my IMT list and here, from Adrian’s Hub list (not necessarily at the same time).

I haven’t had the time to check out Xchange Traffic very well, but we all know Russell Stockley and how dedicated he is to his online business. If you don’t know already, Russell owns Cup of Traffic and co-owns Force Hits.

One cool thing I’ve noticed about Xchange Traffic is that you can earn a Gold upgrade by referring active people to the program!

You would like that, wouldn’t you?
Have a look:

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2 Comments on Russell Stockley’s Xchange Traffic Relaunched Yesterday. And Some Cool News Of My Own!

  1. Hi Adrian

    Thanks for the very kind comments and the great blog post.
    Thumbs Up and great Job

  2. Thank YOU Russell for commenting! It means a lot to me!

    I’m trying not to disappoint myself first. Usually time seems to fly by quicker these days for me. Sometimes I run out of it exactly when I’m most creative…

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