How To Set Up a Team Contest at Adrian’s Hub


I thought it was time to insert another blog post exclusive for Adrian’s Hub members (which only makes sense if you are a member).

Did you know you can set up a team contest at Adrian’s Hub? And offer cash prizes through it?

You didn’t? Then it’s my fault, I probably should’ve explained better, because it’s not a new feature. It has been available for a while, this is one benefit you can draw from it.

Now, let’s get to the point.

1) You know you have a Team Cash Bonus Pool, from which you can reward your referrals. This pool is funded with part of your purchases on the site or from your pending commissions if you choose so.

2) You can also send in-site messages to your referrals (they receive email notifications on received messages or not, depending on their preferences).

3) Optional: You can use the keyword [TCBP] in the subject line of your message and your referrals who you sent the message to will have a reminder on the dashboard saying “Sponsor Update: How to Earn from our Team Cash Bonus Pool?”, every time they log in. Clicking on that reminder will take them to your last message which used the keyword [TCBP] in the subject line. Please read the legend below the ‘Compose’ form, for details about how this [TCBP] keyword works!

Now, let’s present the same points above through an example:

1) Let’s assume you have $10 in your Team Cash Bonus Pool (or add more funds from your pending commissions). You can see the amount you have in the pool from Affiliate Hub -> Your Referrals menu. You need to click on the link to expand Team Cash Bonus Pool information at the top of this page, on the yellow background.

2 & 3) You want to create a contest about creating the best lead page (or the best sales funnel). Or anything else you want. You write the message that describes exactly what are the terms of the contest: prize, deadline, how to participate, how is the winner selected.

If you want the message to appear on your referrals’ dashboards, use [TCBP] keyword in the title like this:
[TCBP] New Contest from Your Sponsor!
message body

At the deadline, you send the winner his prize from the same page (Your Referrals). You find your referral who should get the prize in the list of referrals, click on ‘More’ at the end of the line and, on the second row which appear below you enter the amount you want to send him or her and click ‘Send Cash Bonus’.

That’s it. Good luck!

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2 Comments on How To Set Up a Team Contest at Adrian’s Hub

  1. Who Knew? All we needed was a easy button! How about the team of our upline? do they count for anything, after all I am part ot their team.


  2. Each of you can set up a contest, because it’s available to your referrals only, not multi-tiered. If your direct upline decides to set up a contest, sure, you can take part in it!

    Other ideas can be some activities / steps you’d want your referrals to complete in order to receive a quota of the team’s cash bonus pool.

    Everyone has a cash bonus pool to manage based on his or her own purchases (which can also be additionally funded if one prefers to).

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