Short Term Is Important Too!

short term while pursuing long term objectives

I’m happy doing things long term. But that doesn’t means we shouldn’t pay attention on what’s going on on the short term or we might be swept away by sudden shifts.

Less dramatically, but important none the less, I discovered recently that while I am pursuing medium term development plans for Adrian’s Hub, little things start to crack on the short term.

What do I mean by that? Well, a little issue unnoticed and not handled for a pretty long time here, perhaps a little improvement that would make a huge difference and would take little time to implement, but postponed due to the larger project there.

That’s why, going forward, I’ll dedicate one day a week exactly for these aspects, which cannot be ignored.
I hope our members will be happy!

This week I fixed a small bug but with important consequences, which practically disabled paying via your purchase balance (now all ok), and I added a new login promo for our advertisers who want to offer a PTD for the long term.

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4 Comments on Short Term Is Important Too!

  1. Good Point Adrian. You can’t ignore the short team in favor of long term goals or projects. Both are important. Schedule a time to do short term work makes sure short term things get the attention they need.

    Nicholas Grimshawe recently posted…Three Tips on Moving Your Business Forward

  2. Thanks for your comments Nick! Yeah, I lost track of short term goals on Adrian’s Hub for a while.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Your Goals Snapshot After 6 Months

  3. I don,t think about short term much my long term is to be staying home by 2020.
    But ,we do short term all the time at least I do trying to stay active in most site is a job.
    1.You could try doing ctp everyday this would help your team.
    2.You could try to do your ptc everyday makes you more cash.
    3.Try to do your emails everyday means more credits for you.
    4. You could try to meet new people wow doing the 3 up above

  4. There you go, a man with a plan! Thanks for your comment John, I hope you thought or will think of clear steps on how to achieve your long term goal by 2020.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Peek Into the Future

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