SMARTphones Make Us Look STUPID!


Yup, I’ll say it again: SMARTphones make us look STUPID! Typos and inaccurate selection of words from the autocorrect tool, make a message written from a smartphone look awful.

Don’t get me wrong! We all make typos. I’ve made a few (and corrected them) while writing this blog post.

But with smartphones, some of us are so absorbed to touch the ‘right’ keys — and we still don’t very often —, that we let that devious autocorrect tool take over and twist the meaning of our message beyond recognition. Of course, I’m exaggerating… a bit. But a distorted message means, even unintentionally, disrespect to the reader, who has to struggle to understand what we really meant to say. That little autocorrect tool on our mobile phone can be turned off, by the way, if we don’t like it or have trouble controlling it.

Myself, when I type a message on the mobile phone, I feel like I never used a touch keyboard before. And in a way it’s true, because I rarely do, and I end up comparing the experience with what I can do with a real keyboard. I simply don’t like typing on the darn thing! And no, I don’t have such thick fingers. I’ll tell you a little secret: my mother types faster and more accurate on her smartphone than I do! Of course, she’s very… attached of her smartphone. And I’m not.

Typing on a mobile phone and the inherent mistakes is one thing that can be somewhat challenging…

However, typing is not the only thing we need to consider when we write something, regardless of the device we do it on. It’s also the matter of controlling the precipitated flow of thoughts and making our message coherent. So, make sure your sentences and phrases make sense. Also, don’t just assume that if you understand what you’re referring to, the reader will. And this is far more important than distorted messages sent via smartphones, because it affects the logic itself of your messages. If your message is not coherent, you are not credible!

Here are a few basic tips on how to communicate any message, written or spoken:

  • consider the audience for your message; you shouldn’t talk to a child like she’s an adult; you shouldn’t talk to a marketer like he’s a priest etc.
  • know the outline of what you’re going to write/say before you start; don’t rush in
  • watch your grammar and spelling (doesn’t have to be perfect, unless you are teaching a language or you’re addressing an academic gathering or an elite group); use full sentences in writing (maybe except chat and the like), don’t make the reader guess what you were trying to say.

I am not doing great myself with these tips. For instance, sometimes — but to be fair, not often —, I get emotional and carried away while talking, which I’ve been told, doesn’t suite me. And I agree and work to improve on that.

I hope the tips above will help you improve your communication skills. There are other tips, but let’s start small. And if you have tips or communication issues of your own, do share in the comments below.

I also wrote a blog post a while ago on how to avoid misunderstandings (as in miscommunication).

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4 Comments on SMARTphones Make Us Look STUPID!

  1. I have the problem of keys sticking on my keyboard of my computer.Exspecially the 2 and the @ you have to go back and tell them it was 21 not 1 .I mostly use my phone to read emails.

  2. Have you tried cleaning up your keyboard, and insist on the keys that don’t work? The first thing you should do ‘safely’, and do it often, is turn your keyboard upside down and tap and shake it a little bit. A lot of debris falls off, so make sure you do it in an area that’s easy to clean up. You can find more in-depth ways to clean up your keyword on the net.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Where To Find Freelance Work For My Skills?

  3. Tony Matyasovszky // May 9, 2017 at 7:25 pm //

    Do you know how many times, I spell a word on my smartphone and it auto corrects it to a spelling this no where near the correct spelling. the phone puts in the word it thinks you are trying to spell. also on cleaning my smartphone, I use these lens cleaners I have to clean my laptop screen and my smartphone surface. I just wipe the whole thing down. it does not damage it.

  4. Yeah, I know. I think it happens to all of us. Well, if we wanted small and portable – we got it. The “smart” functions are still in their youth though.

    About the cleaning solutions, yeah, I use lens cleaners too sometimes for my keyboard. I also have a special solution I bought for the keyboard, but rarely used it. Hmm, that seems like wasted money.
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…On Positive and Negative Thinking

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