Spring Almost Over. Where Did It Go?

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Strange. Two months ago I was shoveling the snow in our front yard, and now is the first day of June, and with it the last month of spring on the calendar is over and summer months begin.

Where did spring fit in between the winter-like temperatures of March and even the beginning of April, and the warm days we have now? This year was better than others, when the transition between winter and summer was almost non-existent.

I live in a country with a temperate continental climate, which has all the four distinct seasons. At least it used to. People often say here that we now started to have two seasons: winter and summer. The blurry transition between the two we continue to call spring and fall.

But I guess having both winter and summer is better than one season, right? Let’s stay positive…

Anyway, yesterday was still spring both in the calendar and outside. I remarked it as I walked the streets of my town and the strong fragrance of the linden tree flowers flooded the air and delighted my senses.

If I didn’t have to come back home soon, I could’ve roamed the streets for hours without getting tired of the nature’s spectacle. I could’ve even walked — yes, it’s within walking distance — to a nearby forest (more like a big park with alleys, places for children to play all over and a rustic restaurant in the middle; not a wild forest but somehow we call it forest instead of park). But I can still do that today, if everything goes as planned.

Spring with the coming back to life of nature is fascinating! Fall is the time to reap rewards in agriculture. Wouldn’t it be devastating to reduce them to “transition periods” between winter and summer? I think it would.

What’s the progress of humankind in tempering climate changes? Can the damages be reduced or maybe reversed? From the intensity, sudden shifting and frequency of extreme weather events, looks like we are on a downward spiral.

But at least I can hold on to the perfume of linden trees for a few more days… What about next year?

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