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I sometimes have been asked by new members who join Adrian’s Hub “I’ve joined. What do I need to do now? How can I earn here?”. When I first started my journey online, I had the same kind of question in my mind. What do I need to do to earn here? And it wasn’t so long ago. Which makes it a very good question to start with, in my opinion.

First thing anyone should understand is Adrian’s Hub can work well by itself, but works even better when you use other sites. I recommend that you try out other sites, different types of programs and try to network with people who use them. Be cautious with programs (and people!) that ask for money and promise quick returns!
You can start here.

Later, when you see you’re passionate about something you’re doing and want to do it for the long-term, start building your business online around it, which is how you’ll make real money.

That is the main goal of Adrian’s Hub, to take each member to a journey until they are comfortable enough to own their business online. Either that or become a successful affiliate. Until that happens, we reward your actions, but those active and planning for the long term will have most benefits.

Let’s return to the strategy guide for our new members:

  • Step 1. Join Adrian’s Hub

  • Step 2. Read the [AH-INTRO] emails

    Starting right after you join, you receive a welcome to Adrian’s Hub email followed by a series of presentation emails the ensuing days. Read them and take the action steps at the end of every email.

  • Step 3. Activate your Private Hub

    You may want to use Adrian’s Hub to read and comment/share my blog posts. For that you don’t need the Private Hub. For anything else, it’s pretty much essential. So activate your Private Hub!

  • Step 4. Fill in your profile

    These are the info I’d strongly advise you to add to your profile:
    Website URL You Promote – you can add your Adrian’s Hub affiliate link here, for example.
    It will be shown when someone clicks on your name anywhere on our site.
    Your Blog / Vlog URL – if you have a blog or vlog or even a Youtube channel, add it here.
    It will be shown next to your social media buttons.
    your payout information and preferences
    your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Skype), if you keep a social presence

  • Step 5. Contact your sponsor

    You need close guidance on any new program you join. Not all of them allow communication between members. You can and should contact your sponsor as soon as possible from Your Account -> Your Messages menu, in your Private Hub (after you log in).
    You have two options here. If your sponsor contacted you first you will see the subject line of his or her message on this page. Just click the subject line to see the message. And click “Reply” to respond.

    If you have no messages yet, from the messages dashboard page, click Compose and select “Your Sponsor” as the destination (“To” field).
    You can even message the owner (that’s me!).
    Ask your sponsor questions, when you don’t understand something and don’t be afraid to tell him or her to slow down when they assume you know some things you don’t. No questions yet? Contact your sponsor just to say “Hi and introduce yourself”.
    And both you and sponsors should be aware there are ways to change sponsors. A good sponsor will give his or her team useful information but also bonuses from the cash bonus pool.

  • Step 6. First Objective: Have at least 500 reward points

    Every new member starts in the Training Ground, from the main contest point of view. And because there is a 500 minimum reward points before you can choose to be in the Battle Ground (big prizes contest), you’ll stay in the Training Ground for a while. How long depends on you.
    You can blow away the 500 RP limit in just one claim. Or work on it for months if you are not active and only choose free options.
    But either way, you will still remain in the Training Ground until the next main contest starts, which can be in two weeks or in two months, depending on when you manage to have at least 500 reward points earned.
    You might as well use this time well.
    Take a look at the contest details and see what your options are. You can use them all, or only some of them. It’s up to you.
    You should use Adrian’s Hub often. I have some sites I use every day. Members who often win contests at Adrian’s Hub use the site very often. Here are some ideas for you:
    – viewing spotlight ads 10 days in a row gives you an extra bonus
    – tweet rewards “expire” for old blog posts (you can’t claim a reward for tweeting a blog post older than 60 days, unless it’s highlighted).
    – you get 1 VIP point at every log in

    Take a look at the VIP rewards and how to obtain them. You can unlock some very important long-term benefits when you level up.

    Secondary objective

    Level up to VIP 3.

    Secondary objective

    Complete your first Paid-to-Do (PTD) offer (from Grow & Earn -> Paid-to-Do Zone menu). You can earn tokens or cash by completing them.

    Before you go any further, I recommend that you set up your preferences.

  • Step 7. Second Objective: Be a Top PTD Completer!

    Win one weekly or monthly Top PTD Completers contest! When I say “win” that means be the first, not just in the top 5 for the weekly or top 10 for the monthly PTD Completers contest.

  • Step 8. Third Objective: Win the Training Ground Contest

    Training Ground contest offers many smaller prizes. Your objective here is to win this contest. Why? Training Ground doesn’t usually have a fierce competition. If you can’t win this one, you probably have no chance in the Battle Ground.

  • Step 9. Forth Objective: Reach VIP Level 6

    That’s the first VIP level that grants a permanent bonus (other than VIP level 5 which unlocks exchange of tokens to cash)

  • Step 10. Fifth Objective: Grow in the Battle Ground Contest

    When you feel ready, move to the Battle Ground contest. And slowly make your path to the top 5 positions.
    So, this looks like a strategy to win a contest, right?
    If you look at some of the things you need to do to get this far, you’ll notice:
    – you started to think long-term and have long-term goals
    – you haven’t given up if you haven’t seen cash after a 30 days or so (in many cases)
    – you might have or might have not used any cash on Adrian’s Hub yet
    – you have a routine which includes Adrian’s Hub (even if it’s for 5-10min a day)
    – you probably started to use social media for business
    – you understand at least the basics of what traffic sources are
    – you started to use some traffic sources
    – you understand at least the basics of what internet marketing tools are
    – you might’ve started to use or at least are thinking to use some of them
    – you already have your own strategy when it comes to Adrian’s Hub. It probably includes: growing your team, upgrading, getting and using with maximum effect enough x2 leverage bonuses, stacking up tokens to use them when it can be really beneficial for you (like an auction or an unique event), aiming to increase your VIP level

  • Step 11. Sixth Objective: Win the Battle Ground Contest

    I see… You think that’s difficult? How about two times top 3? Or three times top 5? Easier to achieve?

  • Step 12. Seventh Objective: Earn More Affiliate Commissions Than Contest Prizes

    Now, don’t cheat! Still doing your best in the contest, earn more affiliate commissions on Adrian’s Hub than prizes in the contests.

  • Final Step. Eighth Objective: Start Your Own Business (or Become an Expert Affiliate)

    When you feel ready, start your own online business. Or if that’s not your thing, become a top affiliate instead. And once you do, share your story with us!

I wrote a blog post once about what you can do with the top cash prize in our contest. It is still very actual. Of course, you can spend those money in advance on stuff you really need as you will see, and get some of it back if you win a prize in the contest. But there’s no guarantee, you’re not playing alone.

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  1. Gary K Waters // December 27, 2016 at 5:53 pm //

    All those points are already published on the site.
    Definitely contact your upline!

  2. Yes, they are Gary, but new members usually need clear and concise instructions.

  3. Tony Matyasovszky // January 26, 2017 at 5:08 pm //

    The first thing I always do is contact my upline. and when I build a downline, contact is always a must.

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