What Subject to Pick When You’re Out of Fresh Ideas?

subject to pick when you're out of ideas

As a blogger or email marketer you can sometimes feel you have nothing else to say and you have exhausted every possible idea and can’t find any subject to pick for the next post or email. Of course this is not true and I write this post to offer some suggestions what to do if this happens to you.

1. Ask Your Audience

Ask your audience what they would like to know more about. I sometimes ask my subscribers about topics or directions they want to be approached more on Adrian’s Hub. I also had set up a PTD offer which I promote every once in a while asking people what problem do they face earning money online. For this simple answer in a few words, there is a small reward on Adrian’s Hub, and the information gathered can be used to find the next subject to pick or even influence development plans.

2. Write about an Evergreen Topic

An example of an evergreen topic is building your own list. The advantage of writing about building your own list is it doesn’t go out of style and it is as important today as it was five years ago and just as it will be five years into the future.
The downside is an evergreen topic will rarely create huge waves and massive instant interest.

3. Write about a Trendy Topic

If it’s properly advertised, this will create huge waves right away. With rare exceptions though, it will soon be forgotten when the topic will no longer be trendy. It may have a short term impact, and can be more powerful in emails. But blog posts written with trends in mind often have a short term relevance and that’s pretty much against the purpose of a blog post, which should create traction over time.

3. Write about Your Own Statistics

One sure thing to write about is your statistics, because people often like to compare. We see ‘best converting sites’ published regularly.

Another upside for this kind of content is you use a template for writing it, just change the top according to the updated data. Easy to write, very little effort for your brain.

We should keep in mind though, there are more factors which influence conversions, and the traffic sources used is just one of them.

4. Write about Your Own Struggles and Small Wins

This doesn’t have to be something epic, on the contrary. You can talk about a small thing that gave you a hard time recently. You can bet if your audience has the same interest as you in that particular domain, they might’ve faced the same issue and relate to you. Or they might have it right now and you can be very helpful, especially if you have a solution to the problem or at least list the possible options with their ups and downs.

5. Finally, Summon and Capture Inspiration!

Yes, there are ways to summon and capture your inspiration and to have a backup storage of ideas for situations just like this one, when you really don’t know what to write about next.

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