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We are in mid-August when I’m writing this blog post. Summer is almost over. Traditionally, summer is slow for business, unless business is related to the industry of leisure and vacation.

I have experienced a contrary-trend summer, with much time spent developing and releasing add-ons and updates for Adrian’s Hub and blogging weekly. But it wasn’t just me. As you may know, I have a freelancing job in the financial media world. And contrary to tradition, it was a busy-busy market this summer. What “should have been” a slow month of August, proved to be one of the peak-activity months so far this year. And same was July.

Sometimes trends are not worth following. You might end up in a hole instead of a peak. The true challenge is to know which trends to ride and which to avoid.

I hope you had a fantastic summer! Whether you had fun, recharged your batteries or kicked butt in business, great for you!

Personally, I don’t like extreme temperatures, either way. So, I’m more of a spring-fall kind of person. Luckily, this summer wasn’t too hot where I live, which made it very enjoyable (especially mornings and evenings).

I had a short 3-day off-time in May and preparing for another quality leisure time at the beginning of September. A week-long vacation this time. I’m curios how it will be business-wide, since when most everyone else is preparing to go full-throttle for the fall-winter period, I’ll go on vacation with my family (and plan to stay offline the whole time). I certainly look forward to it.

But, until then, expect more updates for Adrian’s Hub and weekly blog posts! And a huge fall/winter time!
Hint: Adrian’s Hub will be two years old in October.

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