Take Regular Breaks!

In today’s world, staying in front of a computer or glued to our iPhones or tablets for long periods of time is very common. It is also one of the main reason for neck and back issues. becoming overweight because we skip the physical exercises, and getting tired by 1pm instead of being able to work effectively throughout the entire day.

There’s a simple and extremely effective solution for fix that: take regular breaks!

Not when you remember, not every few hours, but at least once every hour. For instance, I take a 3min break every half an hour. I have an alarm set reminding me to take the break! If I take a longer break like to eat or do other chores in or around the house, I will skip one or two of the regular breaks before or after I get back to my computer, but not otherwise.

When you take a break, stand up from your computer, take a breath of clean air if you can, move your body, exercise to activate your blood and muscles and prevent back and neck problems.

And get a chair with a good shape, which won’t hurt your back when you sit down.

Taking regular breaks will also give you the fuel to go through your day more effectively.

I also strive to have at least one longer time away from technology each year (better two or more). At least 3 days each, no contact with the daily routine, projects or issues. Your “batteries” will recharge and allow you to tackle old or new projects refreshed and at full steam.

I’ve been a computer geek since 1992, when I first fell in love with them, however I haven’t consistently used this simple concept of taking regular breaks until recently. And the years ignoring the regular breaks left signs in my health.

This is one easy tip which will show results immediately. Start taking regular breaks NOW and thank me later!

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2 Comments on Take Regular Breaks!

  1. Patsy j Payne - konnektions konsultant // December 16, 2015 at 1:14 am //

    I have seen lots of articles on breaks… however Adrians is the most simple and concrete. Setting a timer is very helpful as many of us get so focused on our online task, esp. if we are working on a deadline.
    Thank U Adrian

  2. I haven’t been doing this for a long time, so I clearly see the difference between plunging into your daily tasks and ignoring your breaks, and the regular breaks schedule (using a timer alarm) I’m using now.

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