TE ListBuilder (formerly tePays) Review

TE ListBuilder Review

In April 2016, a week after its launch I wrote a review for tePays. Now, one and a half years later and also about a week after relaunch, I renew my review on the updated tePays, now rebranded as TE List Builder.

A Few Words About TEPays

tePays was a pioneer in the traffic exchanges niche to implement an automated list building system while you referred people to the site. Its support for AWeber, Rocket Responder and TrafficWave autoresponders is still relatively wide for people involved in this niche, but there is information the owners are looking into the possibility to integrate GetResponse as well into TE ListBuilder.

You could also have built your downlines in a few selected traffic exchanges and additional resources using tePays, as well as were offered 2 e-books, and, with the right upgrade, the possibility to re-brand them. All that is still here in the new version.

The Logical Step Toward TE ListBuilder

I write this second review knowing that tePays was very high in the top of the sites that paid me the most commissions since its launch, but also that this trend had slowed down significantly in the recent months.

When a good site with good owners is launched it creates a hype of course. But if there is not much reason to return to the site, once everything is set up, the traction is soon lost because people will simply find other interests.

I think in the revamped TE ListBuilder, owners Blain Jones and Shane Bost added value while at the same time focusing on ways to improve the engagement of members with the site and especially with each other.

The new tasks, teams, internal messages and basic blogging functionalities will probably do just that.

Members of ClickTrackProfit may find many of the new features familiar.

The new teams addition works something like a cooperative. Team members benefit of each other’s promotion of the team link rotator, covering a wider range of traffic sources.

What’s Next For TE ListBuilder?

The relaunched site is still young and I see new developments released in rapid succession, including some requests of the members (which can be voted up by other members while in proposal stage).

Owners also made improvements to tePays well after launch, so I expect something similar with TE ListBuilder.

The 50% commissions regardless of membership type (that’s what it was last time I asked Shane; update: it is a progressive commission now, 10% for the basic paid membership which I have) is very lucrative. Also, if you have a problem building your own list, TE ListBuilder makes it extremely easy. If you have a supported autoresponder and make the initial set up—you have training tasks telling you exactly what to do—all you have to do is send traffic to your landing page and you will little by little build your list.

TE ListBuilder will continue to be a handy tool for list building, it’s up to you to use it.

TE ListBuilder

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6 Comments on TE ListBuilder (formerly tePays) Review

  1. Yep I like to join but not sure I can. Free to stare? I know stuff but ready yet

  2. You can join free Cheryl, yes.

  3. Cheryl Fitzjohn // November 7, 2017 at 2:32 am //

    so there are options cause tepay wasn;t free

  4. The free option was available for tePays too for some time. Of course, it’s better to be upgraded. The basic upgrade, which is a one-time payment, allows you to build your own list, which you can’t do as a free member.

  5. Cheryl Fitzjohn // November 7, 2017 at 6:53 pm //

    ok i sign up under the big banner above. but apparetnly it is not adrain’s link it was only the only reason i did sign up. well like we do sometimmes waist credits all the time. my user name is my twitter natdyluv. did i miss or or that banner is someelse referral link.

  6. Try to cool down before reacting in the future. Being angry doesn’t help resolving any situation, trust me.

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