The Power of Three

the power of three

When I say “the power of three” I’m not referring to the Divine Trinity, although I don’t think a little faith hurt anyone. No faith or too much faith maybe…

Do you have a number that keeps popping up in your life? I’ve recently noticed I do, and that is number three.

Let’s see:
– 3 New Year’s Resolutions
– 3 main tasks I usually do each day
– one long-term goal’s deadline in March (3rd month of the year :-)
– 3 minutes break every half an hour

One could argue these are all just coincidences and if any of us look, we would find such examples. And that would be a good argument.

“The power of three” as I called it, doesn’t come from the number itself, but rather from consistency, being resolute in doing what works for you. The power of three is given by the compound effect over time.

So, if you don’t have a number that sort of hangs with you, that’s fine. Just try to discover what works for you and stick with it. The compound effect is real and very powerful.

Here’s the power of three again:

1) Buy and read Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect. He is a living prove of achieving success through discipline and compound effect.

2) If you don’t particularly enjoy reading books or you’re looking for a free and more condensed material, you’ll find some good examples of tasks you could embrace and repeat to unleash their true power from Jon Olson’s Plus 1 Success.

3) These free and short daily mentoring sessions from a successful businessman, namely the same Darren Hardy, should be a must for anyone interested in self-development. Subscribe to now.

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