The Rich and the Poor

You’re all familiar, hopefully, with Mark Twain’s novel The Prince and the Pauper, one of the most entertaining adventure stories of our childhood.

In that story, a prince meets a lookalike pauper and chooses to switch places with him. They switched cloths and the prince leaved the palace to live as a pauper, while the poor kid’s luck suddenly changed as he became the prince. While they grew accustomed to their new positions, they kept running into all sort of adventures.

Without the prince offering him the opportunity, would the pauper ever had had the chance to live as a prince for a while? Unlikely. Without the prince being… the prince, would he had had this opportunity to offer? No.

It all comes down to this: The rich (prince) can choose to live in penury if that’s on his mind, while the poor may only escape the shortcomings of his life by two means and only two:
– extreme luck (like winning the lottery or a big inheritance or… an unexpected offer from a prince)
– through a lifetime of hard work, persistence in following his dreams and seeking success.

That’s why people want to earn more money. Because they open up options, possibilities and ultimately bring influence and power to their holder.

Money – everyone needs them. But money are impersonal, just pieces of paper, plastic, metal or bits in a computer. What you choose to do with them, on the other hand, is very personal.

Everyone makes mistakes. But fail or succeed, we continuously learn to choose wiser. That will inevitably lead to more or bigger successes in the future, which in turn can generate wealth.

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2 Comments on The Rich and the Poor

  1. Patsy j Payne - konnektions konsultant // November 23, 2015 at 5:18 pm //

    A thought that crossed my mind as I was reading. Sometimes a “pauper” is offered an opportunity and for whatever reason (fear, etc.) does not take the opportunity and therefore sits in poverty, either financial or emotionally… Mmmmmmm. Example, I took advantage of Adrian’s Hub a few months back and have NEVER LOOKED BACK. I am benefiting both financially and emotionally.
    Come and join me.
    Patsy j Payne
    CTP Team Leader
    XCell Team Leader

  2. Thank you, Patsy! It’s not like someone has an endless stream of opportunities during his or her life. Missed opportunities will come to hunt us later on.

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