What Is Steemit and Why Should You Care?


Steemit is a new and fast-growing blogging platform launched in March 2016. It had some hiccups along the way and some opposition, but all-in-all it built the traction which led to an exponential growth in users and activity.

Steemit has the advantage of being built on the revolutionary technology called blockchain. You may or may not know what a blockchain really is, like it or not, but trust me when I say it will be one of the technologies that will reshape the future (along with AI).

Steemit is built on the STEEM blockchain, and, as I mentioned before, it is a blogging platform. On the same blockchain there are however other sites that are oriented toward different areas:

  • video
  • live broadcasting
  • social media (Instagram style)
  • forums
  • memes
  • more

Which makes the STEEM blockchain suitable for different types of content.

Now, let’s get back to Steemit. If you are in online business, at some point you want to monetize your social media account, your blog, your video channel etc. Until now that only worked by placing ads on your blog, or being compensating for promoting a certain product to your audience (mostly if you have an engaged and sizable audience).

With Steemit (and other sites on the STEEM blockchain), things are different. Everyone earns, even if you have zero audience. Why? Because good comments and replies get upvotes, and those translate into money.

Of course, if you write great content, build a following and relationships, you will earn more, because authors earn a good share for their contribution.

Interestingly, you don’t get hundred of spam comments, because spammers quickly get downvoted until their reputation becomes so low that they are no longer showed by the system.

Another important distinction: since all the sites using the same blockchain, the same information is available to all and you can see what new videos are posted on DTube from Steemit, for example, and also comment and upvote from different platforms.

By the way, there are already two content-related WordPress plugins that I know of being developed for Steemit so far.

I’ve only been on Steemit for less than two weeks. There is a steep learning curve when you first join, but it’s worth it, in my opinion. This last week I’ve posted there I think every day. I sure have engaged with others every day.

Now, if you want to join the link is simple (no affiliate): https://steemit.com

The creation of your account will take about 24 hours and it’s free (for you). When it’s completed you will receive an email from steemit.com saying your account has been approved.

if you want, you can follow me after you join at https://steemit.com/@gadrian. If you find anything I write interesting, I certainly appreciate good comments, resteems (that’s a share) and / or upvotes (only for posts written within the last 7 days, don’t waste your voting power on older ones).

Contact me if you want to know more or need help.

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2 Comments on What Is Steemit and Why Should You Care?

  1. Pretty much the most important website I have joined in the past 5 years.

    It’s going to change everything with social media.

    And I’m ALL IN on it :)

  2. Thanks for the comment man! I was sooo involved with steemit yesterday that I missed your comment here! Can you believe that? Two weeks ago I wouldn’t.

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