What Makes the Difference in Contests?

Before we get to the topic announced in the title, there’s one new development at Adrian’s Hub that I want to share with you.

Being a subscriber of Adrian’s Hub list was and still is enough to get into contests and events, claim rewards and take advantage of our special offers.

But from now on, each of our subscribers can have access to his/her own Private Hub at Adrian’s where more things will be happening beyond what is publicly available.

I hope our subscribers will enjoy the new addition and look forward for new ones!

And if you like collecting badges, then you should know there are two CTP badges waiting for you in your Private Hub!

So, what makes the difference in contests?

Let’s have a look to our Top 10 at Adrian’s Hub, one month before the contest is over:
Adrian's Hub Contest Ranking Top 10, One Month Prior to Contest End

All ten people above have something in common: they have been active. Not just during this contest, but in the past too. So, they are committed to their goals. Another prove that they have clear objectives in mind and follow them closely, is the competition going on in pairs or small groups to secure various places in the contest (see the markings in the picture).

One special mention for the first two positions, held by Judy and Patsy. Apart from their competitive nature, what do you think made the difference that gives them a considerable advantage at this point of the contest?

They took time to understand the contest and events under all aspects, have a strategy and… talk to me when they have something to say or need clarifications.

Let’s have a look at what we have here:

  • active people
  • understanding the competition they are involved in
  • setting out clear objectives
  • staying committed to their goals
  • having a strategy
  • being competitive, desiring to win
  • communicating

Something else that makes a difference in competitions and for our results in general, is the use of all available options instead of just free options. I know from experience that upgrading or paying for online products and services is a difficult step to take, but once surpassing this barrier, increasingly better things should happen.

Some of the “hidden ingredients” listed above might ring the bell for most readers of this post. Probably not that hidden, as not pursued by many people. And though I used the contest at Adrian’s Hub to exemplify (can you blame me?), I’m sure they are generally true for similar contexts.

Can you think of something else I forgot to mention?

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