How Does Your Goals Tracker Tool Work?

Your Goals Tracker Tool

Two weeks ago I wrote a tease blog post about what the new add-on to Adrian’s Hub would be and a little guessing game followed.

As expected, even with guidance, the guesses were usually really far from what the add-on is. With good reason, because it is an entire new direction I was going with the new add-on compared to what I had developed on Adrian’s Hub until then.

If you haven’t seen yet what the new add-on is about, here’s how the new promo looks like:

Together, the new tools, Your Goals Tracker and Your Goals Charts can help you

  • set out, prioritize, and track your goals’ accomplishment
  • analyze the charts about the achievement of your previous goals
  • improve your future goals both as a result of consistent goal setting and achieving, and from the insights discovered from the charts

Let’s elaborate on the first point.

You can set out your current goals from daily up to yearly using Your Goals Tracker. Once a goal is set, you can mark it as achieved or failed. Of course, you should do that once you achieve it or after it becomes clear you won’t. If you don’t mark your goal either as achieved or failed before the term of the goal is due, it will automatically be marked as “set out, but without finality”.

All current goals automatically reset when they are due, and only a record of their achievement is kept, to generate the charts. For example, daily goals reset at 3am New York time, weekly goals during Sunday night, monthly goals during the night before the 1st of the month etc. I use the tracker too, and I set my daily goals in the morning and mark them as achieved when it happens during the day or failed at the end of the day. You might want to do it differently, it’s up to you.

To view and manage your goals throughout the day and stay focused on them you can (and should) open a specially designed popup window that can stay opened even if you close Adrian’s Hub or move to other activities. I keep it open in “Tall View” (there is a “Wide View” too) all day long.

You have one main goal and 2 other priority goals, for a total of maximum 3 goals to set for each period. If you have more than 3 goals, you need to prioritize. For example, if you have habits of small tasks you do every day or on any certain day of the week, don’t put them as goals, they are already a habit for you. But if it’s something important that became a habit for you, and you have a daily goal that counts as a small part of a bigger goal, than put it in. That’s what I do with Adrian’s Hub. I work on it almost every day, but every day/week/month etc. there is a specific goal that matters for the development of the site.

For longer term goals it may seem more difficult to only state 3 goals. Set out only 3 goals for an entire year? That’s impossible! I have so many things to do, you might say at the beginning of the year. Nobody says you can’t have more than the 3 goals. But these are your first 3 priorities and you should treat them as such. Trust me, I tried with more goals a year and with no real priority associated to them, and it didn’t end up well.

Ideally, the process should go like this:

  1. Start with your reason why (your dream or vision as they are also called).
  2. Set out your yearly goal in alignment with your dream.
  3. Then break down this goal into smaller goals for each term, starting with longer terms first.

This way you will think from big to small instead of from small to big. In reality, things don’t always go as planned or your goals weren’t realistic, or simply life happens, but if your reason why is powerful enough you will get back on track.

If you are not used to setting goals consistently, try out Your Goals Tracker! The huge advantage is you will build up a track record you will be able to access, analyze and use to draw conclusions from your previous goals. The larger and more consistent the track record, the better image you will have. And it is very likely the benefits will increase in time for those who use Your Goals Tracker. Not a promise, but… well, just a peek into the future. ;)

If you already have your own well-oiled system of goal management, it’s fantastic! Sometimes though, a database query beats pen and paper. Look at Google search engine! Well, it’s not just a database query behind their search engine…

In the next blog post, we’ll talk some more about Your Goals Charts.

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