Zubees Here, Zubees There. ZubeeZone Is Everywhere?!

At first I postponed the moment to check out what this ZubeeZone I kept seeing around the traffic exchanges was all about.

My good friend Judy Lew has stirred my curiosity when she mentioned the site to me a few days ago.

ZubeeZone.com is John Bell’s newest site. Although I could write a detailed review about it, I’d rather keep it concise. Just a teaser for non-members to join using Judy’s link, and you will find great video tutorials inside created by John, that will walk you through every aspect of the site.

So, here’s how I see things from the personal and business perspectives.

Personal Perspective

If you like collecting rewards, spend time surfing, clicking, you like joining teams and competing for prizes, then you will love ZubeeZone.

Basically there are 3 zubee types (silver, gold and diamond) that you can find on the sites hosting them. You can see all the sites that have zubees in the ZubeeZone.

You can compete in individual or team contests, win awards or exchange your zubees in the marketplace.

Business Perspective

It has been proven that well presented gamification elements increase members engagement. The silver, gold and diamond zubee types offer the possibility to create increasingly difficult tasks (from login to purchases or whatever the site owner wishes), a good flexibility that might be a great leverage if used correctly.

If my budget wouldn’t be on the tighter edge, I would think very seriously about such options for my own site.

About John Bell John Bell

John Bell is the owner of Conquest Marketing, which has been formerly known as Insidmal Design LLC. Insidmal Design was created in 2004, as a web design company. In 2009, John went full-time online and grew his online businesses constantly since then. In 2014, he rebranded Insidmal Design to Conquest Marketing, to better reflect the evolution of his online businesses.

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